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SlimRoast Coffee Review

The Company : Valentus

Location : Sparks, NV

Cost : SlimRoast Coffee $59.95 (for 24 servings or $2.50 per serving) Volume discounts available to reduce cost per box.

Effectiveness : High. Over 90% of customers get results from this product.

Welcome to SlimRoastCoffee.co.uk. I am James Reilly and this is my Journey that I want to share with you and invite you to join me on.

All my life I have worked. I joined the British Army at 17 years old, I signed up for 22 Years Service, however I got Type 1 Diabetes and ended up with an Honorable Medical Discharge 6 years later.James Reilly

Not the life I had planned for myself. All I had ever focused on was signing up. Over the years I allowed Diabetes to destroy my life. Infact it got so bad that where I am living now, on the Isle of Wight. We actually moved down here so that when I die my wife and kids had family around them to help them.

Every year since being here has been a step closer, I will admit that it has been really scary at times. Not only that, the depression of this being dragged out really hits hard, not only on your own mind but with your family as well.

I was online and was talking to someone who was taking this product and he was dropping the weight, he also beat pre diabetes.

Side Note : Type 1 Diabetes is Juvenile Diabetes because you usually get it when you are younger. I was 21 years old when I got it. It is also Injection Insulin Controlled, you have problems with your Pancreas.

Type 2 Diabetes is more about your lifestyle and weight, it is usually controlled with a good diet and tablets.

I am not into Lotions and Potions. However he insisted and I accepted. When the box arrived that was the start to me getting my life back. A Quality of Life I thought I had lost.

The first cup of SlimRoast Coffee I had, wow that was a shock to the system. No half sachets for me lol. I was up and out, down town and up the shops, back and tidy the house even before the wife was dressed. I will say this, the coffee was disgusting to my taste buds, purely because I am now a Yorkshire Tea drinker.

I thought I had left my coffee days behind me in the Army.

My wife Louise actually said that she thought I had left her because I wasn’t in the house.

Diabetes held me prisoner in the house, I didn’t want outside interaction, I didn’t want people getting closer to me because I knew what was going to happen.

THEN Something amazing happened. I had my lunch and I tested my sugar level on my machine. The numbers were impressive. Infact I hadn’t seen numbers that low in over 20 years.

I had no idea what the SlimRoast was doing but my machine and my body were telling me it was helping me have better regulation of what I was doing.

I wasn’t sleeping during the day, I was more active, even to the point of doing the front lawn. I had a clarity of focus that I thought I couldn’t have again.

I worked my way through the box of 24 sachets and I had to think about what I was going to do next.

I sat down with my wife and we went over the figures, how much it would cost monthly, the autoship and what was needed.

She stopped me in my tracks and told me “Your looking for a way NOT to do it, just do it, get on it and do it.”, I admit I was worried about the cost, what if it didn’t work, what if it was just a one off… The good thing is when we signed up to the website we read that they offered a money back guarantee on it, so that really helped and gave us confidence. She sat down that night on her online banking and on excel and sorted out all the money.

She got back to me a few hours later and said, OK, we can do this. She was impressed with what she had seen in me that last month, she said it was something she hadn’t seen in a long time and if that coffee did it, then she wanted me on it and on it daily.

That was August 2015. I bought a box to re test and again, my Diabetes got better and better. Now here is something I didn’t expect. I lost weight. My belts were pulled in maximum. I haven’t lost weight in years. I got through that box and we sat and discussed the future of it, and we decided that I would setup the Autoship and get 3 Boxes of SlimRoast Coffee.


One day when I was at the school picking up the kids, one of my wifes friends was sat across from me. She perked up and said, Your looking healthy, I thanked her and she questioned me about what drugs I was on, I just laughed and told her ONLY Coffee.

She laughed at me and said “I wish”. I then replied back, I am, it is called SlimRoast Coffee, and I explained it to her.

Her husband is a Born Type 1 Diabetic and she was in awe of what I was saying, I offered her some and I agreed to take some round the following day.

Let me share with you the Facebook Conversation.


Reading that post brought me to tears. As a Diabetic, results like that are something a lot of us dream about, and here it was in our hands, a simple cup of SlimRoast Coffee.

I wish I had found this years before, unfortunately the company is a new company so they are experiencing a lot of growth just now. You can see why. Let me share with you some Testimonials from other users. Not everyone is a Diabetic, I can only tell it from my own point of view.

orange_registernowSo now I have been on this full time since August 2015. I had my Diabetic review, which we get yearly and my results. My HBA1c was 9.6. That is the best it has ever been. EVER. I shared what I was doing with my Diabetic Nurse and I even shared some of the SlimRoast with her. She says, what ever I am doing, KEEP on doing it. She noticed the Mental Difference in me, My Diabetic Difference, and my Weight as well.

So now I come to WHY I am sharing it. Well if it can do what it has done for me as a Diabetic, imagine what it could do for others around the world. I am looking around and all I hear is there are NO Jobs, there is nothing for the kids, there is no future, the govt this and that. I admit it gets to me. There are ONLY No Jobs because the future is not meant to think like Entrepreneurs. What did we as the Human Race do before Big Corporations and Banks destroyed everything……

Introducing the “Entry Level” job. Everyone knows the rules. You start out at the bottom. Come in early and work late. Do what you’re told and stay on the good side of the office bully. Get your work done early so you can pick up the slack for the boss’s lazy brother-in-law. And if you’re VERY GOOD then at the end of a year you get a week’s vacation and a 3% raise! That is NOT Living. Let me show you an alternative way forward.

Plan B

Who says you have to play by the rules? Cheat! Just skip the “Entry Level” and go straight to the good stuff.

OK you don’t cheat but there is another way you can earn the sort of income you desire and live the life you only get to dream about and that is with Network Marketing and having your own Home Based Business where you don’t have to play by the rules of traditional business and office politics. With the Power of the Internet and a System to Follow ANYONE can build this where :

  • You can be in charge.
  • You can work the hours you choose.
  • You can control your career.
  • You can make more money, faster-without working harder!

You don’t need any fancy training or special talent to succeed online. All you need are a few simple Internet tools and lots of persistence. Anyone can make good money online-believe it!

Your Education Level will not stand in your way of your success, your family committements wont stop you or get you sacked, your leisure time will only get better and your income will grow over time.

Don’t get me wrong, you wont be a millionaire by tomorrow and not have to do any work or layout any money. But if you want this, then it is here waiting for YOU.

I invite you to see what we are all about, see how we can make an impression in your life and on your life.

I want YOU to Experience Valentus with me and my team.


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James Reilly

Independant Representative at Valentus
James Reilly is an Independant Representative of Valentus and is also a Customer and Consumer of the Valentus Prevail Products Range working towards my own weight loss and health goals. James Reilly shares what he has learned with the goal that it will help you reach your weight loss and health goals as well.
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