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SlimRoast Coffee Review

The Company :  Valentus

Location :  Sparks, NV

Cost :  SlimRoast Coffee $59.95 (for 24 servings or $2.50 per serving)  Volume discounts available to reduce cost per box.

Effectiveness : High. Over 90% of customers get results from this product.

My name is James Reilly. i was introduced to SlimRoast Coffee by Pat Hamer back in June James Reilly2015, However I had my doubts and I really hate “Potions and Lotions”, so i dismissed SlimRoast Coffee. This wasn’t because of my doubt in Valentus, it was because so many companies in the past had these drinks and most of the time you had to change your routine, eat disgusting food or keep silly routines.

I Don’t want to change Me. All i was wanting to do was to be able to walk past the fridge without eating everything in it. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and it has caused me many problems over the years, my thought process was if  I could just eat less i wouldn’t be getting bloated and putting extra weight on. It’s not as though i was even hungry.

One night I was on Skype Video with Pat and he showed me what he was looking like NOW. So looking at the pictures below, I knew Pat in the First Picture to the left, when he showed me he was looking like the Second Picture. His latest update is the Fourth Picture.


orange_registernowPat and myself had many conversations, I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since 1995 and his weight was causing him to get the symptoms and obviously that was a worry. We spoke many nights about lifestyle, eating, exercises. At our age we are not going to be hitting the Gym and doing crazy stuff. I see Pat as being very lucky, he lives up in the mountains of Montana, all that fresh air and open space, hills and all that for some great walking.


On one of our many chats I was talking with Pat about his routine, and he explained to me that all he did differently was Drink SlimRoast Coffee. I asked him further about Diet, Gym, Routines, Weights etc, NOPE, NADA, NOTHING. You can imagine my thought process. Everytime a New Weight Loss product comes out, people hit me up all the time, oh it can cure Diabetes, and then we go through the same chat. i am Type 1 my pancreas is dead, it can’t grow me a new one, then they tell me it’s my lifestyle and I should do this and that. I admit I have been tempted in the past, but all have failed and just wasted my money.

You know the speil everyones product is the Greatest and the Best Ever in the world. Reality is different for those of us who live in the Real World though isn’t it. I have 5 kids and they are all living their own lives even at their young ages, I am up and about taking them to after school clubs, meeting boyfriends, dropping off picking up, hospital, doctors, shop runs, shopping and everything in between. My wife her social life can be up till 4am and I am the usual Taxi Driver. I get up every morning at 7am and my day finishes when the last person hits the pillow.

In August 2015 I got my first box, I wanted to see if it would do anything. I was at 15 stone, not my highest but one of them. My energy levels were at an all time low, once the kids were all at school, wife would go out and I would go back to bed so that I had the energy for School Runs at 14:45hrs and then the rest of the night.

The Valentus SlimRoast box arrived. A Rather small box I thought at first. Inside there were sachets of coffee, 24 of them.

I sat there for a bit looking at the box, wondering if I should or if I just wasted my time with this. I had my yearly Diabetic Medical the month before and it was Really BAD, the worse it has been in 20 years. My Sugar over the year was UP, my stress levels were up, I was heading for an early visit to the morgue. You can see where my thought process was, If I don’t take it I might die, if I do take it I might make a difference in my life longevity.

So I did my sugars on my machine, then I made the coffee. The idea was to drink the coffee and chill out and watch some shows on TV.

orange_registernowMy first few drinks of the coffee were DISGUSTING I am a Tea type person, so I pushed on with it, I drank all of the coffee and sat down to chill out. I went to put my cup in the sink, and whilst i was there i did the dishes, cleaned all around, did the dining room, hoovered the hall way and did the living room. I then had to go into Town, so i WALKED there to get what I needed, decided I needed to sort out the doctors so I went up there then round to the Supermarket to get some shopping in, all on FOOT. I don’t do walking.

I got home and the wife had thought I had left her. I had been out for hours it seemed, turns out it was only a few hours. I was back in the house by midday.

What the HELL Happened. Where did I get that burst of Energy from.

how Do You Take Your Coffeeshadow_full

orange_registernowSlimRoast Coffee

OH My This stuff does really work. I had done loads in that day and most of all I hadn’t eaten the contents of the fridge. I had for dinner that day… oh I didn’t eat I remember because I crashed that night. Not good because I was so used to not needing to eat because I was always eating. I actually had to train my brain to eat 3 times per day. Thats why 7am is really important to me, Porridge and Coffee is my kick start, something mid afternoon then something in the evening.

Here is the kicker, the more I took my coffee the better I was Diabetically. There is nothing written anywhere about this effect, is it just me, is it because of what I am doing. Well I know a few Diabetics so I told them about this and wanted to see if they were getting the same results as me. Let me share a post with you from back then.


orange_registernowReading that post brought me to tears. As a Diabetic, results like that are something a lot of us dream about, and here it was in our hands, a simple cup of SlimRoast Coffee.

I wish I had found this years before, unfortunately the company is a new company so they are experiencing a lot of growth just now. You can see why. Let me share with you some Testimonials from other users. Not everyone is a Diabetic, I can only tell it from my own point of view.

In the Product Link Above you can read about all the products that Valentus has and what they offer, you can also find the ingrediants for them as well.

For me and SlimRoast, Starting back in August 2015 I lost a Stone in weight in the first month, I have been stable now at 14 stone, give or take a few pounds. When Christmas came around I actually didn’t put on any weight.

The price of the Product on a Per Box is higher than other products that are out there, however the quality speaks for itself. I myself buy 3 Boxes per month and get it delivered to the UK. I am on the Isle of Wight.

My Recommendation 10/10

I didn’t expect this to do what it has done, I have made no unnecessary changes to my life to do what i want to do. The product on a box to box is a little bit more than you would normally pay for coffee, however it is worth it. If you are looking at sharing this with others then even on a One Box AutoShip you can earn $20 a time. Unlimited 100% compound amortization of 20 dollar bills for only the price of one box of coffee per month.

Side Note :  Valentus does offer a considerable savings incentive when you buy more than one box.  For example if you buy a years supply of 16 boxes the cost is $499.95 which before shipping is equal to $31.25 per box!  They also have smaller packages of 3 and 6 box orders. That is something to  consider when looking at these options if you intend to order the product.



If you have any questions about this product or you just want to share your experience with Valentus SlimRoast Coffee please leave a comment.


DISCLAIMER: By joining this program there is no guarantee of income, nor results are typical of average participants. Many participants will make no money at all. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, ability to learn and follow training. Please read all the disclaimers posted below. As part of FTC regulations, we are required to represent the “average” results that our customers and IRs experience. The truth is, the “average” person never sees results in this ground breaking opportunity. That’s because “average” people never get off the couch and put in the effort necessary to achieve success. That’s why they’re considered “average.” So if all you want out of life is to be “average” or “typical”, we do not recommend becoming a member of this program.

Our goal in life and in everything we do is to be exceptional, and we hope you’ll agree and come along.

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James Reilly

Independant Representative at Valentus
James Reilly is an Independant Representative of Valentus and is also a Customer and Consumer of the Valentus Prevail Products Range working towards my own weight loss and health goals. James Reilly shares what he has learned with the goal that it will help you reach your weight loss and health goals as well.
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